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Original Manual
This is a translation of the official RuneScape Classic manual that was available between 2001 and 2002. Shops, Inns, Bars,
Cafes and Pubs
Information about the various shops, bars, pubs, inns and cafes.
Skill Guides Manuals with guides on each of the skills. Stat
Outfit Viewer
Shows you the stat boost various outfit configurations can give you.
The data base has been created and is ready for scaling.
Quest Guides General information about each quest.
No walkthroughs!
Classic Links Links to other Classic sites with my comments on each link.
Special Guides Covers minigames, miniquests and other things. Status of
Current web site status of rschelp.
Latest update, August 21, 2018
Calculators Enter your skill xps, save the data for later, then set your goals and see what it takes to get there. Newest: Quest Calculator. Supporting
Information about helping with rschelp.
Data Bases Covers information about: Items, NPCs (non-player characters) and Monsters (attackable NPCs) in the game.

Load times (secs): Items: 7, Monsters: 4, NPCs: 2.
Play RuneScape Classic Several links to the various was of playing RuneScape Classic.
Drop Tables Records of the drops of several monsters. The data from these pages will be used to increase the accuracy of the Monster Data Base. Skilling Tables Records of the items obtained through various skilling activities.
World Map Shows the Upper Wilderness, Lower Wilderness and World Map. Has links to show you were things are. The upper wilderness is new. I am currently creating a new map of the lower wilderness. A lot more is planned for the page.

Map file size is 3 MB and uses 39.9 MB of memory.
Load time (secs): 23.
More Maps Shows additional maps of various areas across RuneScape Classic.
Locations Scenic views of various locations in RuneScape Classic.

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July 2, 2018