Playing RuneScape Classic

Jagex has modified the Java version that plays from a browser. It now works with Java versions 7 and 8. However on my Mac the graphics render poorly and the font used is almost unreadable. When you use an arrow key to rotate the view it starts spinning at maximum speed and the only way to stop it is to log out.

Before this modification to the classic game, you had to re-instal Java 6 and force the browser to use Java 6. This causes a dangerous security issue. After this modification your browser should be re-set to use the newest version of Java. Now re-install Java 6 in a location the browser ignores. Down load the client and make several copies. You make one copy for each world you want to access. This also works for RuneScape 07 (old school) game. Below the following links are instructions for making the modifications to the client. Below that is help with the Windows operating system.

If you can still play RuneScape Classic from your browser (or you don't mind the problems mentioned above) use these links.

Play RuneScape Classic (world select page).

Veteran LogIn (world 1).

World 2 LogIn (most popular world).

World 3 LogIn.

Mac modification of the RuneScape Client

  1. Download the client
  2. Make as many copies of the client as worlds you wish to play on.
  3. Right click on a client and select: Show Package Contents.
  4. Open the Contents folder.
  5. Right click on the file: info.plist
  6. Select a true pure editor (TextEdit or BBEdit). A pure text editor does not add unwanted characters to the file.
  7. Scroll down to the entry: <key>Java.
  8. Scroll down to the entry: <key>Properties</key>
  9. The next entry should be: <dict>
  10. The key of interest is: <key>com.jagex.config</key>
  11. The data to modify is: <string></string>

Replace the data with one of the following:

World 1: <string></string>

World 2: <string></string>

World 3: <string></string>

RS 2007: <string></string>

After the modification, save the file. Double click the client and make sure it works. On my mac running Yosemite and now El Capitan, I'm asked if the client should be allowed to accept Incoming Network Connections. Select Deny (for a little more security).

For each copy of the client make the above modification as desired.

Note: for oldschool a world number can be added, ie.

World 2 is number 302 and World 77 is number 377.

Windows Java Configuration

Try these simple steps (provided by Captions the Prepared):

  1. Open Start Menu
  2. Type in 'Java' in the search box
  3. Click 'Configure Java'
  4. Click 'Security' Tab on the Java window
  5. Here, there will be 3 buttons; 'Edit Site List...', 'Restore Security Prompts' and 'Manage Certificates'.
    Click the 'Edit Site List...' button
  6. Then click 'Add' button
  7. Now, type in '' and then press Enter key

Repeat from step 6 again for the other 2 servers. ('' and '')

If you still can't find the 'Edit Site List...' button, you may want to try reinstalling or updating your Java.

This information can be found on the forums at: Unable to play? FIX HERE (page 4).

More Information: Game Update.

On page 1, Leta the Huntress has a guide of how to modify the Windows Client.

Author: TheBishofAw


January 14, 2016