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August 4, 2018

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Main Calculators:

When I first started playing RuneScape Classic ( Nov 2009 ) I created the main calculator, skill calculators, combat calculator and various other things using a spreadsheet application. Through trial and error I was able to derive the formulas for skill level xps, combat level and various other things. These calculators are the results of that effort.

The main calculator to the left is needed since there is no Hiscores in RuneScape Classic.

To begin, you need to enter the XPs for each skill. If you want the main calculator to remember what you have entered, enter a Character Name and click the Save button.

Saving the character data creates a cookie with the character's name and the XPs data. Also a Last cookie is created. When the calculator program loads it will populated the XPs data fields with the last saved data.

To restore a saved character's XPs, enter the character's name and click the Get button.

To delete the cookie, click the Delete button.

To clear all the XPs data, click the Clear button.

The Guild column shows the level required to enter the associated guild. It is highlighted if you have the required level.

The Level column shows the level for the given XPs.

The percent (%) column shows the percentage to the next level. It is highlighted if it is 50% or higher.

To load this about page, click on the About button in the top left corner.

To load the level xps calculator, click on the XPs button.

To load a skill calculator, click on the specific Skill button.

To load the combat calculator, click on the CB Level button.

To load the quest calculator, click on the QPs button.

The Total fields shows the sum of all the skill XPs and the sum of all the skill Levels.

The Average field shows the average XPs of all the skill XPs, the average Level of all the skill Levels and the average level based on the average XPs.

To the right of the CB Level button is the combat level. To the right of that is the combat level used by the game.

To the right of the QPs button is the character's quest points.

Below the max title is the maximum number of levels possible in the game.

The Limit Level to 99 checkbox when checked, limits the; Total levels, Average level and game CB Level to 99.

The Message Line, is a field used mainly to inform you when a problem with cookies has been detected.
To test it. Enter any non-existant Character Name and click the Get button.

Skill Calculators:

When a skill calculator first loads the skill XPs from the selected skill are copied to the Current XPs input field. To the right of the label XPs shows the level for the given Current XPs.

The skill Level + 1 is copied to the Desired Level input field. Limited by the highest level allowed. The base xps of the Desired Level is shown to the right of the Current XPs input field. The difference between the Desired Level XPs and the Current XPs is shown to the right of the Desired Level input field.

To restore the skill values click the Get button.

Attack, Defense, Strength:

The Target list shows all the NPCs ( non-player characters ) that you can fight that I know of. The XPs show the Targets (highlighted) that I have fought and verified. The Level is highlighted if your combat level is high enough ( Your CB Level > NPC CB Level * 2 ) to prevent the semi-agressive NPCs from automatically attacking you. Needed is the non-controlled amount.

Each NPC that you can fight has xps (experience points). The game keeps track down to 0.25 xps by keeping the total xps a monster gives to 4 times their actual amount. In controlled mode the xps are divided by 4 and given equally to each skill; attack, defense, strength and hits. In non-controlled mode 3/4 of the xps are given to the selected skill; agressive - strength, accurate - attack, defensive - defense. You must kill the target to get any xps. Also, if you manage to do some damage with ranged, some of the exps will be given to the ranged skill.


Hits always receives 1/4 of the total xps from a melee kill.


So few targets can be ranged completely. It is rare when you can get an obstacle between you and them. The highlighted Targets are the ones I have successfully ranged completely.

The Gnome stuff is a guess. I know you get xps for passing the ball, making a goal and making several goals in a row.

Prayer, Cooking, Woodcut, Fletching, Fishing, Crafting, Mining:

The simplest of the calculators.


The Required Runes are for a single spell cast.

From the pop-up menu, you can select the desired spell. The table below the menu will show the number of runes and orbs needed to achieve the Desired Level.


This calculator is the most unusual.

The XPs by Level column shows the number of XPs on that level needed to get to the next level. This value determines the needed number of logs for the next level only.

The Needed column shows the number of logs needed at a given level to get to the next level. It is a running total based on the xps to that point and not on the xps in the XPs by Level column.

As an example:
Current XPs: 276,964 (302,288 XPs, 60)
Desired Level: 61 (25,324 Xps to Go)

At level 60:
XPs by Level: 25,324.00
XPs: 130.00
Needed: 195

Further down the column:
Level: 93:
XPs by Level: 748,861.25
XPs: 187.75
Needed: 44,598

At level 60 you need to burn 195 logs to get to level 61, and 44,598 logs to get to level 93. The calculator considers all the fractions of logs as you cross each level.


In smithing, XPs are gained based on the number of bars you smelt or smith. The Ores column shows what ores are needed to smelt a specific metal bar.

Below the smelting table, is the Action pop-up menu that allows you to show xp gain from just smithing or by smelting and smithing.

Below the action pop-up menu is the Metal selection pop-up menu.

The Total Ores column indicates how many ores to mine to smelt enough bars to smith the needed number of items to reached the desired level.

The Total Bars column indicates how many bars to smith to make the needed number of items to reached the desired level.


This calculator allows you to enter the number of herbs you have and to which potions you want to make from them. From that information it will calculate the Projected XPs you will gain. If you made those potions, then your New Total XPs is calculated. Shown is the new level you will have and the number of levels you will have gained.

The To Go XPs is the difference between the New Total XPs and the Desired Level XPS (Target XPs).

The To Go column indicates the number of potions you need to make for the number To Go XPs.


In the Game Obstacles column, the Gnome stuff and any obstacles ending with a ? is a guess. I know for the Gnome stuff you get xps for passing the ball, making a goal and making several goals in a row.


I have not verified everything on this table.

Combat Calculator:

In RuneScape (both versions) the primary combat mode is Melee and the primary combat style is Attack, which is the accuracy to hit an opponent. However the most popular combat style with players is Strength, which is how hard you can hit an opponent. If you are not into combat, then the most important combat style is Defense, which is how well you can avoid being hit or reduce any damage you receive. A part of defense is the Hits level which actually represents how much damage you can take before you die.

Ranged is the weakest of the combat modes and the slowest to level. To level ranged you need to either kill your target with the first and possibly second shot or place an obstacle between you and your target. Otherwise, you will end up most likely in Melee and you will no longer be able to range. However, you will get some xps if you managed to hit the target and inflect damage. Ranged is based on two skill components, accuracy (attack) and power (strength).

Magic is a cross between Melee and Range. You can use magic even if you are in Melee or Range, but for maximum xps you need to place an obstacle between you and your target.

Prayer is a support element that uses the power of a god to boost the other combat skills.

Attack, Strength, Defense and Hits all contribute equally to the combat level (0.25 per level).
Magic and prayer contribute equally, but have half the affect of melee (0.125 per level).

Ranged is a little complex. Ranged has no affect on the combat level until it's level is equal to or greater than the combination sum of the Attack and Strength levels and relative to the base levels of Hits, Magic and Prayer. If ranged is greater than the sum, then it contributes 0.375 per level plus 3. If ranged is equal to ( the crossover region ) of the sum, then it is a differential between the Ranged contribution and the sum.

The To Level column shows how many more levels in that skill is needed to raise the combat level by one more level.

The CB Level is the combat level the game uses and is a truncated version of the actual combat level to the right of it.
To the right of the actual combat level is the maximum actual combat level you can achieve. Below that is the truncated version of the maximum actual combat level.

The Combat Style shows which combat mode is dominante between melee and ranged.

The data displayed below the CB Style is the various variables used to calculate the Combat Level and To Level results.

atk + str, is the sum of the Attack and Strength levels.
cbm, is the sum of the affects of all skills except ranged.
raw cbm, is the sum of the affects of attack and strength plus the base sum of defense, magic and prayer.
cb ref rng, is the base affect of the range level.
cb ref - raw, this is the difference between cb ref rng and raw cbm. If this value is negative, then the ranged level will not affect the combat level.

The estimated levels use a reverse algorithm to determine how many levels a skill needs to raise the combat level only one level with the other skills fixed at their current levels.

The To Level column is limited to a maximum of either 99 or the total number of levels handled by the calculators (see Notes), depending on the state of the Limit Level to 99 check box in the main calculator.

Level XPs Calculator

Enter a level from 1 to 299, then press the Return or Enter key.

The first row of the table will show the results for the entered level.

The rows below list the results for the first 200 levels.

JavaScript calculations are limited to 21 digits, so past level 421 the results will be displayed as floating point numbers. In general the limit from this point is the exponent, usually around 307. Above that a number is considered infinite. If you go higher than that meaningless results are produced. After all that the browser usually hangs because the calculation routine gets in an endless loop ( it's no longer dealing with a number and just goes in circles ).

The limit is place at 299, since this is the last level that will produce an accurate single digit.

Quest Calculator

The quest calculator allows you to store in the cookie for a selected character which quests have been completed. The calculator will also show you what requirements are needed for any quest selected that have not been met. When the quest calculator is loaded an automatic Get is preformed.

The field Quest Points: shows the number of quest points for the seleceted quests.

The field Actual QPs: shows the number of quest points for the seleceted quests that meet the requirements (quests and quest points).

The field Maximum QPs: shows the maximum number of quest points possible in Classic.

The Get button copies the quest settings from the Main Calculator to the Quest Calculator.

The Set button copies the quest settings from the Quest Calculator to the Main Calculator.

The Clear button clears the quest settings of the Quest Calculator.

Below the quests list is a field that will contain any information reguarding requirements that have not been met by the selected quests. The field will also show skill requirements, but those requirements will not affect the Actual QPs since there may be away to get around the requirement by using an item (a potion for example).


The game currently limits the length of a character's name to characters. However, the main calculator will accept up to characters.

When the XPs input fields are exited, they are scrubbed, truncated and formated.
Scrubbing: any non-digit character is removed.
Truncated: the length of the remaining number is reduced to digits ( left to right ).
Formated: commas are added every 3 digits.

When a Level field is exited, it is scrubbed, truncated and limited. The minimum level is 1 and the maximum level is .

In RuneScape Classic, Jagex uses a signed 32-bit number for the skill xps. Most displayed numbers are an integer ( no fractional part ) and are signed ( the negative ones are ). This limits the largest values to, +2,147,483,647 ( a little more than 2 billion ) and -2,147,483,648 ( 0 is considered a positive value ). Thus 2,147,483,647 is the limit of the number of stacked items you can have.

For the skills the 2,147,483,647 is divided by 4 and only the integer portion is display. This limits the maximum xps you can gain in a single skill to 536,870,911. Many actions generate a fractional xp amount of 0.5. With regular bones the fraction is 0.75. At this time, my calculators do not allow user input of a fraction. When you exceed 536,870,911 xps in a skill, the xps will be displayed as a negative number. Strange things begin to happen in displaying a level with negative xps. No player has exceeded +4,294,967,295 in a skill yet, so it's unknown what will happen when a cross over back to 0 occurs.

This limits the maximum skill level to 206 (by xps).

RS2 avoids the above problem by limiting the xps gained per skill to 200,000,000.

Here's an example. This shows what is happening behind the scenes mathematically when I made 10 Explosive compounds.

This table covers making the Mixed chemicals (2) portion of the potion:

Herblaw starting xps:


What I saw as I made 10 of these:

PotionInternalDivide by 4DisplayedDifference

The difference, (560,655 - 560,592) is 63, divided by 10 is 6.3. The smallest decimal increment is 1/4 or .25. So the step size is 6.25. Because the smallest decimal fraction is .01, to verify 6.25, I would have to make 100 of the Mixed chemicals (2).

This table show the smallest step size of 1:

InternalDivide by 4Displayed


All the calculators are written in a mix of DHTML ( Dynamic, Hyper Text Markup Language ), HTML 5 ( originally XHTML 1.1 standard, eXtensible HTML ), CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3 standard ) and JavaScript ( ECMAScript 5 standard, European Computer Manufacturing's Association ). I hand coded them so they are squeaky clean and easy to read.

Using XHTML 1.1 forced my development environment to be very strict on the HTML syntax. However, the server delivers the pages as text/html. I tested the calculators ( HTML, CSS and JavaScript ) on a Mac ( OSX 10.6.7 now 10.11.3 ) with four browsers; Safari 5.0.5 now 9.0.3 ( 6533.21.1 now 11601.4.4 ), Firefox 4.0.1 now 43.0.4, Opera 11.11 ( 2109 ) now 34.0.2036.50, Google Chrome 23.0.1271.64 now 47.0.2526.111 and Windows 7 with Internet Explore 9.

Using XHTM 1.1 forced me to load the calculator dynamically with the object tag rather than the iframe tag. Internet Explore 9 seems to have occasional problems with the object tag.